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I'm Back in the Booth! Let's Take it from the Top...

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

From 2012-2017, I produced a bulk of creative work. In 2018 I released my first book. For the last two years I have been marinating over the joys, pains and adventures I have experienced. 2020 is the time for the birth of a new project! Turn me up!!

The school year has yet to start, but I have returned to work. This is the standard for most foreign teachers at public schools in South Korea. There is no work to do, but I am required, per my contract, to be in the building for eight hours a day (deskwarming).

What do I do? Talk to my family, watch The Terrell Show on YouTube, and (lately) bad reality TV on Netflix. But most importantly, I write.

While back home last month, searching through my Google Drive, I found and old fictional story I wrote four years ago. I had started and finished it within maybe a years time and shared with two of my best friends. This is something I've been doing since sophmore year of high school.

The title of this particular story was "Extraordinary Love." It was inspired by a song of the same name by singer, songwriter Stacy Barthe. I'd rather not share the synopsis of the story here, for the sake of saving until its complete. But I felt deeply connected to the main character.

While rereading the story, I found a lot of mistakes that my 23-year old self had made. However, I was still in love with the characters and a lot of the dialogue. (I am a connoisseurof dialogue, if I do say so myself!) Without much hesistation, I gave myself the task of rewriting the story better than I had in the past. The decision came easy, as I was itching to jump back into the world of fiction. (FYI: I studied Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago for three short semesters. And I'd do it again if I ever won the lottery!)

So, Its been about one month since I started rewrititng the story. And for the past two weeks I have been spending most of my time at work writing the story too.

I feel like I'm living my dream! I wake up go two work, write, write write, go home, write some more...Wake up and do the same thing again. This feels fantastic; I am doing what I love. And one day I will do this forever.

But soon, the new school year will start and I will spend most of my days lesson planning and teaching. Although, this is a rewarding career its not my dream...

During the time I've spent rewriting this story, I have felt so confident that this (writing) is what I was put on the earth to do. I have always been a dreamer. I mean, I DREAM BIG! And in the recent past I was afaraid because I had stopped dreaming, and I was questioning my purpose.

I am dreaming again and the best part is knowing that the dreams I have are small to God. I dream big, scary things that seems impossible in this lifetime. But God says He can do more! (Ephesians 3;20) I cannot even preceive in my small mind, what God is preparing for me, except through his spirit! (1 Corinthians 2:9-13).

I hope this passion I have for seeking the will of God and for writing will remain on one accord. And I hope that we all can find stregnth and not get weary in well doing!

It is easy to look around and point at all the trouble and destruction in the world, but today, I dare you to find one thing to rejoice about!

I love you always for reading!


Miya Marie~

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