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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We've been heavy and emotional for the last few posts, so let's bring it down a bit and have some fun! I wanna talk about a variety of things I miss from America. Can you predict what items and things I miss doing in my home country??

Picture it! Me typing away, writitng the manuscript for my next book (wait on it!) and I type the phrase "okie dokie." Oh my God! Suddenly, I want to some Okie Doke popcorn! I even went to google images to look at a bag. Lol, I know. But that's what inspired this blog post.

What's funny is that I definitely ate some cheesy popcorn when I went home back in January, But I can't remember if it was Okie Doke or not. Anyway, on with the list!

1. Being an average citizen

Hey! I thought we weren't getting heavy this blog post. Being a foreigner for three years has given me the weary blues, honey! If you've been following this blog for a while then you already know what I mean. Tired of being admired and hated for my skin color and hair texture. Tired of weird questions about any and everything. Tired of pretending not to internally roll my eyes and flip tables when I get asked these wierd questions.

I'm ready to put xenophobia on a shelf and get back to regualar, familiar racism. But am I though? Cause yikes! We (African-Americans) are all wishing that Joe Biden's America is, if nothing else, a chance to catch our breath after Trump's America. Who are we kidding tho? Not even me. Overall, I look forward to being a Black amongst fellow Blacks and a host of other racially diverse people!

2. Church & Church Culture

I did join a church in Korea, and its lovely. But there's nothing like American church and more specifically, there's nothing like Black church culture. And I'm gonna call myself out and say that the kingdom of God knows no segregation and regardless of race, all of God's children have more in common than we don't. However, I can only speak on my unapologetically Black church experience of 25+ years.

I may seek out a more diverse church experience in the future. But as I write this, I miss attending Black church. I miss the fellowship, the worship, the word, the love! And I even miss the flaws, because at the heart of it, the church is a hospital and we're all sick in some way, or else we wouldn't be there.

I miss turning to my neighbor. I miss hugging five people and telling them God loves them, I miss talking over refreshments after the service.

I miss my church family!

3. Shopping

Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, Alla-dat! I love shopping, but it's not the same in Korea for a few reasons. Shopping for clothes is hard because I'm almost six feet tall and my body shape is not "one-size " approved. "I got hips, thighs, and don't disciminate against pies!" Okay!? The clothes Asia has to offer, do not fit my body type (or style, if I'm being honest!) So I usually shop at H&M or buy clothes online. ASOS is my bestie!!

As for groceries *eye-roll* Grocery shopping has become the most annoying task in my life. I avoid it as much as I can. The grocery store near my house does not spark joy. I walk around the grocery store like a sad pupppy because I don't want to eat anything in there. I have mastered the art of pizza, pasta, and other noodles. I'm eating like a college student again and it's not cute anymore.

I dream of going to the store and finding all the ingredients of whatever dish I want to make. There are so many recipes I want to try, but I have to wait until I get back to America. Which brings me to the next thing...


Get ready! Because rather than write some unnecessarily sentimental prose, I'm gonna do some list inception! A list within a list, if you will, of all the food I miss in America!

  1. Tacos/Tamales/Mexican food

  2. Basic sandwiches: Ham/turkey/bologna

  3. American breakfast

  4. Sloppy Joes

  5. Chili

  6. Hamburger Helper

  7. Salmon Croquettes

  8. Dressing

  9. Deviled eggs

  10. Cornbread

  11. My mom's baked ziti

  12. Jambalaya

  13. Pasta salad

  14. Baked macaroni & cheese

  15. Hawaiian rolls

  16. Pound cake

  17. German chocolate cake

  18. Sweet potato pie

  19. Banana pudding

  20. Punch bowl cake

  21. Jello cake

  22. Egg pie

  23. Reese's peanut butter cups

  24. Honey buns

  25. Nacho Cheese Doritos (Korean Doritos ain't anointed like American ones!)

Maybe this list can double as a wish list for my family! *Scar voice* Be prepared! I promise after I eat all of these things once I'm going vegan! I'm kinda serious. I do feel the pull to a more plant based diet.

5. Small Talk

Korean people in Korea, speak Korean? You don't say! I really miss being able to understand small talk. There are so many conversations happening around me on the bus, on the streets, at school, but 80% of the time I hear none of them. I don't want to. It's so easy to tune out anything that's not English. Not that I wanna be in everyone's business, I just want the comfort of knowing what going on around me.

Also, I miss random conversations with stangers. Apparently this is a thing only Americans do. Have whole conversations with cashiers, waiters, and other service workers. Although some older men and women talk to me sometimes... Ugh! just refer back to number one!

6. Loud music

The one downfall to living in an apartment with thin walls? Always being mindful of how loud you can't be. The only way I play my music is through earphones. But it's not nearly as fun as blasting music through the house in America. When I don't use my earphones, I'm constantly adjusting the volume to be careful not to disturb the tenants around me. I'm too cautious for my own good. Literally!

The only place to play loud music is the karaoke, but sometimes I wanna listen and dance without singing. I'll just have to blast my music when I get back home..sweet home.

7. Driving/Riding in cars

This might come as a surprise to my immediate family, but I miss driving. They know I absolutely hate driving. Driving takes way too much attention and responsibility which gives me anxiety, but I have to do it. The only thing that makes driving bareable refers back to number six: music. The best part about driving is listening to music. The best feeling is cruising down the street with my favorite songs and not a care in the world.

On the other hand, there is one care I have: Getting pulled over by the police, in the skin I'm in. With so many encounters with the police and Black people ending in death, I am paranoid about getting on the road again. But I know that I cannot live out my destiny crippled by fear. So I will say a prayer for myself and turn up the music.

8. Family

How many times must I say it? I miss my family, man! We talk at least once a week, but there's nothing like being in the same room. And it's not like we do anything super special. I just want to be around. Being in the room listening to their casual conversations is enough. There's nothing like the constant love of a family unit. I'm ready to go home y'al! *logs onto*

I could probably go on, but these are the first things that come to mind when I think of home. What else reminds me of home? Christmas.

And what else? You guessed it! Music! My Top 5 favorite Christmas songs. Christmas hasn't officially begun until I 've heard these five songs:

There are at least three more songs I could easily include in this list, but I'll chill!

Have A Merry Christmas! And A Happy New Year!!


Miya Marie~

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