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2021: The Year of Transition

Transition (noun): The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

I didn't start paying attention to the word transition, until I started roller skating back in May. After just barely being able to stride forward on eight wheels, I took on the challenge of learning how to transition. Backward to forward; and forward to backward. I created a process. I created a rythm. I stumbled; I fell. I fell a lot.

Transitions are the second hardest thing I've learned to do on skates. And I'm still in awe when I land one or more with ease. But imagine the "Aha!" moment I had when I realized, I have been doing transitons all year long.

I transitioned from one country to another. One job to another... to another! (Yep. I had six different jobs this year! Seven if you count modeling.)

I had to transition from living on my own to living with my parents again (chiiiiiile).

10/10 would recommend my parents! It's just...a transition. Also, there's a stigma in this country about living with your parents after a certain age, but I've already had this conversation with my therapist too many times. So whoever got something to say can send me a security deposit and six months rent or shut all the way up.

I had to transition from being a pedestrian/commuter to being a driver! If you've been reading my blog thus far, you already know how I feel about driving. But this was a lot less scary than I though it would be! Mostly because I bought my first car this year...I transitioned from borrowing car keys, to having a car note...and car insurance..and filling my gas tank.

The biggest and most important transition was in my mind. I transitioned from fear to faith.

This transition is lifelong. And just like on skates, there is a process. It requires practice and patience. I had to break it down until I built the muscles to execute the move. When I fall, I get back up, and do it again. And again. And again. But I rest when my body is tired. And I do all again tomorrow.

Here's an example, of me nearly falling but not stopping:

In order to practice faith, I must know the word of God. When I am tested, I still believe and speak the word, even though I cannot see it with my natural eyes. I pray. I worship. I pray. I worship. I pray some more. I worship some more. I get quiet, so that I can hear from God.

And I may fall. But just like in skating, the more I work my process, the easier it is to get up. The more I stay connected to God, the easier it is for me to turn to Him.

This time last year, I was all alone in my tiny apartment in Korea, wishing I was with my family. Feeling engulfed by loneliness and feeling like I had been a bit too vulnerable on this very platform.

But my vulnerability, ultimately led me to be healed in places where I didn't know I was hurting. So I thank God for being free indeed, and being able to boast in my weakness, all while holding my head up high.

And I thank God that the cares of this world did not harden my heart but rather, I decided to renew my mind and continue on my journey of transformation. Transition, transformation, and change are constant. The alrernative is death, and its already been defeated, so choose life. Always.

Merry Christmas!


Miya Marie~

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